Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 The Male Sexuality Myths

Myth is something that many people held, but not correct. This is part of the male sexuality myths circulating in the community and much trusted, such as dilansir Askmen. Men more like women berpayudara large..[...] Actually, not all men like big women berpayudara. According to research, as much 25 percent of men like berpayudara women and 65 percent of the women with the form of proportional body. Men tend to think, women are more berpayudara most fertile and have many air susu ibu (ASI). Not only that, men also have the view that women have a great passion berpayudara sexual high. Men hate wearing condoms More like the men have sex without a condom. They only use condoms to protect himself and of the diseases and prevent pregnancy. According to them, using condoms is very painful and uncomfortable during a sexual relation. They believe using a condom may not always achieve sexual pleasure and climax. Men like pornography Aware or not aware, men like to watch blue movies or see pictures of women sexy. In fact, in between they also love to collect pictures of women on the mobile phone section. There is a tendency for adult men do watch blue movies because you want to practice every scene with the film spouses. In fact, some men not ashamed to invite spouses watching blue film as one of the heating to the sexual relationship. Men do not care to feel pleasure spouse or intimate relationship is not Men sometimes do not care if the spouse also feel sexual pleasure to climax or not. Some men, like himself, to the time to reach sexual pleasure, and does not reach the pair shared sexual pleasure. Men like the numbers to ease the birth of responsibilities Many things that men do to gain sexual pleasure with the partner. For men who do not want to partner pregnant, how many are made, from the use of condoms, pills coming months (for women), injection, and so forth. This is done to ease the few responsibilities that spouses do not get pregnant. Men want Mr P will be greater Many men want Mr P is a bigger party to be fun. Usually the size of Mr P is very standard, so that some men are less satisfied with the size of its P-Mr. Many ways they do to enlarge it vitalnya tool. Men happy to discuss the matter of sex excessive Men like sex to the matter told friends. Sometimes, he wanted to show kelihaiannya and want to beat his friends while telling stories concerning sex. They like to exaggerate the story was related with the sexual position with 20 in four hours time. They have also been related to the intimate only in 15 minutes with the missionary position and experience sexual pleasure. (Tty)(oz)

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