Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Download Problems and How to cope

Problems can always appear without a guess when we can get, let alone supported the development of the Internet world, which is always updated. Here are some of the problems that may occur when we download, along with how to address them...[...] 1. File no longer available on the sites dituju When you are looking for links for downloading, sometimes get a link that is no longer active, or often called the Dead: ink. of course many ALASA is why the link is dead. however, based on experience, cases like this are usually found in the links that come from a file hosting site, such as Rapidshare, Mega Upload and others. As has been previously notified, the file server in ditampung rapidshare have a limit of time (especially if you download the free status of the user). When the time is out, of course, the file will be deleted from the server. If this happens, you can find the mirror's link. Mirror link is different, but with the same file contents. If the link is difficult mirrorr found, the last choice is to explore the links that have been uploaded in the back. 2. Internet connection is not Stable This problem is not a rare thing for internet users around the world, especially in Indonesia. Not stabilnya internet connection may have become a commonplace and reasonable for the internet users. Satuntya one-way to minimize that possibility is to exploit melakukakn the download at the internet connection are stable (usually at night). If still difficult, you try to download from the site that supports the download of your stop-resume. When a failure is, you do not need to mengulangnya from the start. 3. Site Server Having Disorders (Server Down) This is rare on the web sites of. However, if happens, you can mengeceknya in the file that you downloaded. When downloaded, the process will be closed in the middle of the road. However, when downloading from another web site, not a barrier. The only one who can do this if you just overwrite the server is waiting to return to normal. Or you can search for an alternative site that has a similar file. "Tips n Trick on this established cooperation with okezone Publisher Mediakita [title of" The Fast and Right Downloading ", author: Pradiptya Miftah Wicaksana]. - Www.mediakita.com -- (oz)

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