Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alert! Counterfeit dollars from circulating in Bogor Jawa

JAKARTA - The capital must be more vigilant against crime in the form of circulation counterfeit money. The police returned to disassemble circulation counterfeit syndicate that this time comes from Parung, Bogor, West Java. Wahyudi (30), Pelita VI wargaTomang RT 07/004, Kelurahan Jati Pulo, Palmerah District, West Jakarta, caught at akan switch 200 pieces of counterfeit bills, USD100 to the Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta on 6 May...[...] Suspect caught in Jalan DI Panjaitan, Cempedak Cipinang, East Jakarta, as much at 01.30 WIB. At that time, the center operates around the location. Wahyudi known to get money from the false Waryono, a shaman in the region Parung. Wahyudi when they come to bring colleagues to the treatment Waryono. "Try it you exchange in Jakarta, who know works," said the fake greeting Waryono Wahyudi, Tuesday (19/5/2009). From the results of the exchange, they will divide the planned benefits of each of 50 percent. According Kapolsek Jatinegara Kompol Sriyanto, the investigation will be to develop the area to search for Parung Waryono. "Suspects snared Article 245 of the Criminal Code circumgyration Counterfeit Money with the threat of punishment from 15 years in prison," augment him. (oz)

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