Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yakin wife Wiliardi Not Involved Murder

JAKARTA - Nova, wife of murder suspect son of Director of PT Rajawali Banjaran Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, Kombes Wiliardi Wizar, convinced her husband not involved in the case. "Enggak mungkinlah my husband do this," said Nova in Mabes police, Road Trunojoyo, Jakarta, Selasa (19/5/2009)...[...] He reasoned, her husband does not show attitude and actions of light. "Because the house is also a normal-normal saja. Enggak means grusak-grusuk. Aja regular activities, there are differences enggak. Aja He was quiet," he said. Nova said the family accept the fact the police arrested Wiliardi field with a chest problem and hope this quick selasai. "Children are also strong," augment him. While in custody, connect Nova, Wiliardi condition adequately. "Alhamdulillah good. We still support us and submit this to the power of law only," he said. When dicecar questions about daily life at home Wiliardi, Nova reveal no different. "I never took the intervention enggak too far, and the father also did not issue official story," he said. Similarly when asked if Antasari Azhar met with the suspected murder of a brain Nasrudin, Nova does not claim to know. According to him, Antasari also never visited the house. (Ram) (mbs)(oz)

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