Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barcelona can beat Manchester United

Amsterdam - Barcelona akan bersua Manchester United in the Champions League final party. Frank Rijkaard believes the former child asuhnya can topple Satan Red weekend ahead. Barca tried to print the history, the club became the first Spanish origin who have achieved a degree treble. Previously, El Barca successful holding La Liga and Copa del Rey...[...] Rijkaard talked about opportunities Carles Puyol et al dealing with the Man-United. According to him, La Blaugrana could be a champion, if the team besutan pep Guardiola did not make many errors. "This will be the match of interest to see. You will see some of the world's best fight in the field.'s Manchester United are good lately," said Rijkaard to the FIFA website, Selasa (19/5/2009). "They have Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who has good quality and can present a victory for them. But Barcelona, they play beautiful football. They have attacked the principles of football," he added. "I think a lot of goals that will be created. However, if Barcelona can survive well, I think they can beat United. If they do not make a mistake, I think there is no way they beat. But that's football." Rijkaard also praised the pledge Barca, Lionel Messi. "He was a remarkable child. I see it a few years ago and I was impressed with what to do football," Rijkaard praised. "The way he controls the ball very unusual and only few people can do that. Messi is still very young and that it is good because that means permainanya will be increasing significantly," the man pungkas the Dutch origin. (hmr) (oz) ..[...]

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