Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rooney, England Captain Future

LONDON - Wayne Rooney a role of bringing Manchester United lock three degrees, this season. England legend Sir Geoff Hurst and even dare to take the bomber was 23 years old will be The Three Lions captain in the future...[...] English has just officially put itself as the host of the World Cup in 2018. Nomination campaign that The Three Lions be in Wembley Stadium, on Monday (18/5/2009) local time. In addition to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and petinggi English Football Association (FA) Lord Triesman, the two English stars Wayne Rooney and David Beckham also enliven the event. Hurst also seen attending the event with colleagues setimnya on the World Cup in 1966, Sir Bobby Charlton and George Cohen. Campaign on the sidelines, Hurst (67) menyempatkan express themselves kekagumannya against Rooney. According to him, the former Everton star is a potential cue in English merengkuh trofi World Cup. In fact, Hurst quite optimistic if Rooney can be captain of tire grip now still disandang back John Terry Chelsea mainstay. "Not that it is not realistic, if Wayne Rooney can be captain in 2018. At that time, he has become a top player in a long time," former architect cetus Chelsea (1979-1981) is quoted as Reuters, Tuesday (19 / 5 / 2009). "Of course you can never predict whether the injury to Rooney or still have the desire to play at that level. But, in later 2018, he will be aged 32 years. If he is still enthusiastic and did not experience injury, he will still be one of the greatest players , "said Hurst. "One thing he will still have is the ability to play football. Maybe he lost a little energy, but he will have more experience. So, yes, he can be a captain (later in 2018)," his him. Under the care Fabio Capello, Rooney continues to be the spearhead of the attack the UK. At the World Cup Qualification 2010, Rooney was a printer most goals The Three Lions with five goals menorehkan. Gol is dicetaknya kala English subvert Croatian, Kazakhstan (2), and Belarus (2). (van) (oz)

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