Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surely Manchester United Win

Cannes - Manchester United will face Barcelona in the UEFA Champions final fight. United living legend, Éric Cantona try follow the predicted duel will take place in Rome, before the weekend. What he said? "I will give direct answers. Manchester United," Cantona emphatic when asked about who will be champion at the Champions League this season to the League, on Tuesday (19/5/2009)...[...] Cantona also trying to compare the United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, the man who had become pelatihnya when defending the United 1990an era with Ken Loach, who is director of the film titled? Looking for Eric '. "The way they both work 100 percent for real players, they are very simple. Alex Ferguson is a great coach, and Ken Loach is a director of the extraordinary," praised the men's French origin. After not a football player, Cantona already decided to become an actor. He has also played a few films during his career as an actor. Cantona had been the players themselves Satan Red for five seasons, with the play as much as 144 times and print the 64 goals. He also presents some degree for United. (hmr) (oz)

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