Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Barcelona Enjoy the game

Barcelona - Sama-sama berkarakter attack, fight Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United believed akan interesting walk. Lionel Messi also invite colleagues to enjoy the match setimnya held Olimpico in Rome, Thursday (26/5/2009), Against a team that has a style of open play, Messi is the favorite. Argentina is the origin if convinced Manchester United will not apply game pattern survived. Messi also get a chance to show aksinya to stave United defense...[...] Messi is the name of a beam in the party Pamungkas LC this season. In addition to key players as Barcelona, Messi will be presented on a personal fight between himself with Cristiano Ronaldo, as the best candidate this year. "I realize if I have to enjoy the way the game is more than the match-the match before. Not all players have the opportunity to feel and fight in the Champions League final," said Messi as dilansir UEFA.com, Tuesday (26/5/2009), "That's why I mention this special. Barcelona should be out of the pressure and play the United attack as usual. I want to win this rivalry," about 21 players this year. However, Messi refused if there is this fight is a place between the ability compete with Cristiano Ronaldo. Mention Ronaldo Messi better than himself. "Every football it sure as players like Ronaldo. Very entertaining. This is a two-team race and not about the great Cristiano better than me or vice versa," close the dribble Diego Maradona berjuluk this. (zwr) (oz)

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