Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ferrari Commercial Pressure Release

MARANELLO - Ferrari finally succeeded in reaching the podium in the first Formula One (F1) season in 2009. Kimi Räikkönen success rate that's enough to escape the pressure of very heavy. Yes, in the race that took place in Monte Carlo, Sunday (24/5/2009), Kimi successfully increased the podium in third behind two drivers Brawn GP, Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello...[...] Although successful only finish third in the sequence, but the face setim colleague Felipe Massa has sumringah. "We must be satisfied after this season with the bad," Kimi firm. "The staff at the factory have been working very hard. So, we succeeded in improving the performance of the car quickly, we sure can do different things with this new regulation," continued the Finn is quoted Gulf Times, Tuesday (26/5/2009). Kimi happy with the achievements deserve this. The Ferrari failed to reach three points in the inaugural F1 race. Horses jump up and down the team defeated the team compete with the newcomers Brawn GP. "I think overall we are less quick to seize victory. But we must be satisfied with this result. We get good results, compared to what we achieve in the beginning of this year," the former firm of the mclaren. "I was disappointed to only finish third in the order. However, these results make a good team and we are happy because the team can print points. Now, this result makes us a little more quiet," tutupnya. (hmr) (oz)

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