Saturday, May 30, 2009

Facebook Pertemukan Separate Mother-Son 27 Years

Budapest - the social networking site Facebook is not simply the site Pertemanan only. Thanks to the site, the mother and children have been separated for 27 years can finally meet again. Avril Grube never again see their son Gavin Paros since she was 3 years old. Paros was vague father, Joseph Paros, who divorced her. For many years the search for Avril's heart to 27 years...[...] One time, Berly Wilson, brother of Avril Grube, write down the name of Gavin Paros in the Google search engine and eventually find a link from the name you are looking at social networking site Facebook. Once the name is fitting, Berly find the appropriate historical name. After giving each other a message in Facebook and make contact several times, finally Berly sure if Gavin is keponakannya of Paros during this search-search by his mother. Obviously, after the mourning dipertemukan broken haru directly from them. "I can not sleep, I can not wait to wait it out while pertemuaan. Although almost 30 years, when I first saw it, I akui he has my eyes," said Avril, who is quoted as Times Online, Saturday (30/5/2009 ). "When you first met, I can only say that my mother is still beautiful," timpal Garvis not less sumringahnya. Gavin Paros own age who is now already 30 years old to register on Facebook to find relatives in England, after the death of the father back in 2006. (srn) (oz)

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