Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sega All-Star will immediately Reunion

NEW YORK - kabaranya Sega will soon release a game that involves all maskot Sega, the once glorious and always sticky with the console game fans. Follow the success of game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic, the developer will release a Sega game kart racing game that involves a lot of Sega maskot. As Sonic The Hedgehog, Amy, Dr. Eggman, AiAi, and Amigo. As dilansir Games Spot, Saturday (30/5/2009), Sega will throw this game kart racing to a variety of game consoles, from the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS. Terendus rumor also stars full game will be completed in 2010 to come...[...] Sega still optimistic type of racing game is still very mild tune it for this game. Moreover, the maskot, Sonic comes back with a new series. Moreover, the lover who has been there since mid-1990 are still awaiting the presence of Sonic, with Mario Bros. that has become legend. (srn) (oz)

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