Monday, June 1, 2009

Tips and Tricks: Make a note reversed

Like there is a fraudulent email ngirim to any posts with kang Rohman inverted so that when the email should be read while nungging (ngga dhenk kidding .. hehehe). Biar seru must memblas was also reversed with any posts, I yah? To make any posts can be reversed relatively easily because many tools online that can do so. One tool that provides this service is By using the tool of you can make any posts with the upside is very easy...[...] This paper can be inverted for use on facebook, twitter, frienster, email, blog, or comments, as well as for others. For those who want to create any posts can be fraudulent, but did not know about the upside is, here are the steps: 1. Please visit the site 2. Write the text you want to balikan on the text area below the heading "Original text (type here)" 3. Automatically written any posts that will be available earlier in the text area under "Flipped text (point your mouse over)" and have turned in 4. Mouse over your computer in any posts that have been turned in, so automatically any posts will be highlighted at all. please copy and paste ago on email, comment, facebook or what you want. 5. Done Very easy is not it? In addition, when you install any posts on the upside email, then you can edit it, like change the color of any posts, the size of any posts, etc..

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