Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five Reasons Men children

BEFORE rope knot wedding there, men can fire at will play with another woman. Reason expressed also simple, they need to find the right pair to be his wife. Only, not all women want diduakan. Make a woman, the relationship means that the court remain as a bridge to the wedding...[...] To avoid the problem, women need to recognize the reason for the man who has been able to have a pair perselingkuhan, as quoted Askmen. Revenge Men berselingkuh, because the spouse has first berselingkuh. To forgive is not easy with the pressure and ego, then perselingkuhan dibalas with perselingkuhan. Challenges Some men can not forget nikmatnya in the hunt, pursue, and conquering women. Challenges to be able to prove the charm itself, make itself difficult to be able to enjoy the "taste" the same in the same period of time. Fortune If berselingkuh once before and not discovered by a partner, have eyehole berselingkuh for the second time. Tertantang by the ability to cover the trail, so that there is disturbance in the self to do the same, even repeatedly. But the squirrel sepandai-pandainya jump, a time will also fall. Ego No more push up the confidence of the fact that there are women who are interested in sex than couples remain. Opportunity "There is no cat who refused to fish", which is anekdot frequent disejajarkan for the wolf man. But the temptation can come from anywhere at any time or always be the reason for men berselingkuh. (Tty) (oz)

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