Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Technical Tsubo, relaxation massage for the Eyes

MATA often said as the heart. Therefore, it should do with the maximum care. According to Nao Kaemoto, beauty expert from Shiseido of Japan, Asian women generally have a complaint in the skin around the eyes as dull and wrinkle...[...] The emergence of problems around the eyes caused by external and internal factors. Age and the lifestyle that is not healthy, for example. Sengatan sun and smoking habits will wrinkle more quickly. "There are those who have dry skin," from a James Surya Putra SpKK's Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. James continue, "Problems around the eyes is sometimes confused for them is not it?" tanya James. According to him, the first step is to perform basic skin care, and massage around the eyes. Nao also introduce techniques pemijatan around the eyes adapt to the techniques tsubo. "Circulatory massage create more smoothly. Hence, if there is additional treatment akan feel kelembutannya," Nao supplement. The first step is tsubo massage massage using middle finger and sweet with the movement out near the temple, and then massage the same direction in the basin in the eyebrow. The last step is the bottom of the eye diusap, leads to the outside of the massage. Next-le will not two fingers below the eye, just below the eyes and hit the ball for three seconds. Tsubo distimulasi point with good blood circulation which in turn allows more smooth, more elastic skin and healthier eyes. Massage routine, use of assisted creamuntuk eye skin under the eyes will help. "Care is important, but do not forget cleared. Cleaning application on the face with soft eyes, do not dikucek-kucek because it is not good. New bubuhkan and eye cream to nut-risi skin around the eyes, "said a woman this long. Shiseido has variants plus skin care products specifically for the eyes from age 25 to 50 years and over. Form a cream, serum, mask there. "Product care is intended to overcome the wrinkle, fine lines, and restore skin elasticity," said Desy, Shiseido beauty consultant Plaza Indonesia. Eye care cream contains extracts of the leaf tao that can protect the skin around the eye sensitive to be calculated. Shiseido products are also very suitable for women and men 40 years to atas.Karena contain antikeriput.Produk akan this the better if combined with a special eye mask. "In addition to masks, we also have a mask Lift wrinkle Sense AA, leaf-shaped mask that can reduce the wrinkle, eye ring, and a black bag," said Desy Those aged 30 years and over are encouraged to use the product Bio Performance Super Eye Contour. This multifunctional cream can dry the skin and dark circles under the eyes. For ages 25 years and above, also has a Shiseido The skincare package, ie, the eye care cream contains Phyto vitalizing factor to dampen also reduces fine lines. There are also eye shooter element to refresh the eyes also minimize black bag. Because of that, we do care as early as possible to avoid problems in the skin around the eye that can damage the appearance. (Koran SI / SI Koran / tty) (oz) ..[...]

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