Friday, May 29, 2009

The Master Season 3 and Candidate MASTER THE SEASON 3

Finally, the Master Season 3 begins after the success with The Master The Master and 1 of 2 Sandy gave birth to Joe as The Master of Numbers [ngelahirin not the boss of her mother:)] in the master duel inagurasi yesterday that the Limbad, now The Master Season 3 ready to give birth again akan new master-master in the world of magic...[...] The kandiditat The Master Season 3 will be on show at The All Star Duel Master who appear on Friday 29 May 2009, at 20:00 WIB. RCTI broadcast directly from the Convention Center of Integrity MGK.Dimana Romy Rafael and Deddy Corbuzier akan act and there are Joe and Sandy Limbad provides support and appear in the All Star Duel stage. Deddy Corbuzier if the events that have the master nihh events this season 3, followed by the Magician has a different style and character, both in appearance and style of dress. "Session 3 is more cheerful. If the session 1 smart-smart, tense session 2 because of the burned, now in session 3 have muscle and mind. Session 3 many illusions and mental muscles, so is very varied," and Session 3 is rich with different flow. So many a magician, a magician is not just five, but six were selected and the following brief profiles of six participants The Master Session 3 Candidate MASTER THE SEASON 3 1. Krinaji (Avatar Magician) Bizzare Magician beraliran this, happy akan things that smell supranatural. Krinaji never roam to India and eventually be the 5 elements of nature. 2. Rizuki (Princess Magician) After Angelina Zhi from season 1, now there is another woman magician, Rizuki. Magician becomes the only woman in the season 3, Rizuki flow has already menggeluti and classic magic professionally since the age of 8 years. 3. Ricardo (Soldier of Magic) Magician who beraliran this Mentalis like things that smell and military weapons. Always berpenampilan a soldier such as, firm and ready to stage menggebrak The Master mentalnya with a different game with the most mentalist. 4. Duo Dibo (wierdo magician) This duo has the ability to integrate the illusion and parody. DI for Dino, has a face like Indra Bekti and red. While well-BO for Boris than patnernya and always become the object of 5. Fabian (Funky magician) Mentalis is also a skater. Style is a tradition that funkymendobrak magician identical with neat and stylish black berbaju 6. Bayu Gendeng (Phsyco Magician) Magician origin Bali this, follow the flow of extreme magic. If you are "recurrent," he does not shrink from showing the wacky attractions. Keistimewaannya he is able to integrate with the extreme attraction Balinese dance movement. Nahh is little short profile of the participants who will appear in the master season 3, survivors and witnesses nontonnya not noisy like my brother? when watching the show is definitely nyeletuknya "ayyahh tipuannya tuh so, its tricks tuuhh ahhh so that a foreign triknya pesulap plagiarism tuhh Copycat tuhh ..." but he said I was nikmatnya? nikmatnya where I can ... may be different people in different times is an important yahh still entertaining .. this event is not intended to entertain such a happy season saw the master 3. fixed concentration ......[ source:](oz) ..[...]

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