Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Shoes For Messi in the Champions Final

Barcelona - It's one thing different from her usual Lionel Messi Barcelona strengthen dealing with Manchester United in the Champions League final round in the Stadium Olimpico Rome, Thursday (28/5/2009) early days WIT. Messi will use the new shoes that will make them appear more violent. Really?...[...] New shoes that will be stars of Argentina produced one of the famous sports equipment manufacturer, Adidas. Producer based in Germany is launching a new shoe called "SprintSkin" or also called "F50i". This shoe is intentionally produced specifically to improve performance and kenyaaman each user, including Messi will be the first person to use these shoes. Materials used in the SprintSkin synthetic material that is waterproof. Salain has a texture that is flexible, F50i also designed to adapt well to the foot. In response to a new shoe that will use it, happy that Messi. According to him, F50i, is a shoe which has the potential to create peformanya increased. "I never felt comfortable using the sense of new shoes. With leather soft shoes outside, I believe the most capable I. Sepatu also has a perfect contact with the ball and has a fantastic color," said Messi Goal as quoted, on Tuesday ( 26/5/2009). (fmh) (oz)

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