Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Modifications Not Sekedar sticker Accessories

JAKARTA - Modifications not just replace the face lift alias clothing products with accessories such as a mannequin sticker that is seen only good eye, but is the result of the creative work and the fruit itself (Handmade)...[...] This message was delivered Indra "Bluessman" Pranajaya, Best Builder 2009 Low Rider. This modification is now the world according to him should be on the elements of modern, aesthetic, functional, rational, innovative, and creative (MEFRIK) Custom. In addition, a modified motor and correctly stated the views of the three elements of the body, frame and power. Body views of style, look and have aesthetic value. Viewed in terms of the framework of the construction, stability, maneuver and control. In addition to the performance of the engine must also support. Whole must menjadiÃÂ, Ã, a slick blend. "Although the fruit of their own, the modifikator must become one in a very good and intact, along with finishing rapih. If you just stamp accessories product does not deserve a modification in the contest," specifically that contest a jury modifications U Mild U Username Festrack 2009 in broadcast persnya received okezone, Thursday (14/5/2009). Indra also emphasized the originalitas paper on a modification. "It must be different from ever before," she added quickly. ] (oz)

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