Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Motor long McQueen ditawar Rp885 million

California - Motor never used the Hollywood legend who was in the era of 1960s to 1970s, Terrence Steven "Steve" McQueen, dikabarkan ditawar worth Rp885, 5 million in an auction hall in California. Motorcycle Steve McQueen with the successful bid price is the fantastic Triumph Bonneville 1960...[...] In history, from the motor enter the actors who ever Academy Awards nomination in 1967 through the film The Sand Pebbles, and as dilansir Motorcyclenews, been modified by Bud Ekins in 1963 and then in the place of race in that time. In this auction in California, other than the motor from Steve McQueen, there is also a motorcycle legend Rollie Free, Vincent Series C White Shadow in 1950. Rollie Free is someone who once registered a record speed drive motor in 1948. And no less with McQueen, motor ditawar Free at Rp1, 16 miliar.] (oz)

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