Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 User Class On Twitter International

San Francisco - Twitter is not only used by United States but also by all people in the world. Ashton Kutcher is able to attract millions of users Twitter. As well as nine other people who come from different countries...[...] Next 10 people that Twitter users are able to attract people in their countries respectively for using Twitter. 10 people is also becoming evident that Twitter really has the world. 1. Ashton Kutcher (United States) Kutcher is a Hollywood actor who is also the husband of actress Demi Moore. Kutcher is currently in memilikidua million FOLLOWER Twitter. Most post-postingannya very poetic and philosophical. But sometimes, he also loves to post naughty candid photos of his family owned. 2. Stephen Fry (UK) Fry is a famous person in the UK is known as the mind-thoughts and the intelligent class. He only uses Twitter to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and penggemarnya not present with the one-way dialogue on Twitter. 3. Salam Pax (Iraq) Pax is a famous blogger Baghdad home. He uses Twitter to discuss hot topics about the problems in the world, not only in Iraq but also in the other middle east bum. 4. Of Queen Rania Al Abdullah (Jordan) Of Queen Rania is the only kingdom that merged with Twitter. He was writing the post about daily life that it Go as a queen of Jordan. 5. Shahid Kapoor (India) Shahid Kapoor Bollywood Selebrita using Twitter to post some photos that describe the location of the film setting. Some of the images is also about the activities' dugem 'that in the Mumbai, together with his friends. 6. Monsieur Dream (France) Monsieur Dream is not the original name. Although not known who the original name, but implied that the profile in the Blogger 'Monsieur Dream' is a young man be the internet. He uses the internet as a documentation of his busy day-to-day. Not only text but also video a minute. 7. Mano Menezes (Brazil) Manager ball home club Sao Paulo, Brazil Corinthians named. If football is a religion in Brazil is the ecclesiastic Mano highest in the country. Twitter account it always contains a description of the technical team and management diaturnya. 8. Pepper (Spain) This is the name of a donkey. He uses Twitter's farm where in Majorca. Pepper is just an icon of luxury hotels in Spain. 9. Problogger (Australia) Accounts belonging to Darren Rowse points out this blog about all things in a twitter. Conversely, he also spent it all in a twitter about it. He provides very useful information about social network platforms. 10. TheREALBoyzone (Ireland) If you want to know the latest news and gossip about Ronan Keating Cs, this twitter account is eligible for the follow. This is really twitter account belonging to famous Irish boyband era 90-an, BoyZone. Source: Telegraph. (srn)

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