Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Telkomsel 3G iPhone Add Canggih with OS 3.0

JAKARTA - iPhone 3G now comes with OS 3.0. At the same time, the package provides Telkomsel also purchase iPhone 3G without a down payment...[...] Dilansir information through official Telkomsel, Wednesday (24/6/2009), the software update on the latest iPhone OS 3.0, customers can update the software through the official Apple site, or connect the iPhone 3G to his computer to connect directly with iTunes version 8.2. With this latest software, iPhone 3G Telkomsel customers can enjoy a variety of the latest advanced features, such as Cut-Copy-Paste and the image on the website, Landscape Keyboard (look in larger type), Messages (send or forward the text, images, audio, video , etc.), Spotlight Search (search for all names, email, calendar, and notes), and Voice Memos (recording a voice message). By using the iPhone OS 3.0 as a modem for Internet connection, customers can also enjoy unlimited internet access service with a monthly price Rp87.500 only to send the message, type the modem, and send to 1377. Along with the latest software that is 3G iPhone OS 3.0, the package provides Telkomsel also purchase iPhone 3G without a down payment. Basically, customers simply pay the first installment from Rp779.470 and can bring home iPhone 3G. Attendance package repayments cheaper iPhone 3G and the latest OS 3.0 software is a real commitment to exist as a service provider Telkomsel mobile lifestyle best and most update to customers. (srn)

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