Monday, June 8, 2009

15 The talented Rich Man

15 The talented Rich Man Not difficult to find rich men. But not easy to find a man who deserves your love and make you will not be "the duafa". Before the marriage to her, first see whether he has 10 of these 15 characteristics. 1. SOME REKENING..[...] See if you have a sweetheart rekning more than one bank. This could be an indication he is talented rich. Because, usually people who have a savings account or two more likely to try to manage the money properly. Man this type of separate posts pnghasilannya. For example, one account is used only to receive the transfer of salaries and expenditures, accounts for other savings. 2. Benevolent Not appropriate if the person who loves wealth store, stingy, and are reluctant to share and to give talented people who are rich. Thus men who easily moved and easy to heart oranglah the help you deserve lyrics. He is the type of person who will be relatively easy lives. Somehow do, you both will be very rare money difficulties. And most importantly, the easement provides that it is true there is no successor. 3. have ideals Do not please rich Si He accomplished if his life flowed like a river, either where would empty. Talented rich man who always have big plans in life. There is something in the future who want diraihnya. For that, he will have a short term plan and to achieve the ideal middle-citanya. In desire, he does not takkut have mmpi that seems impossible. 4. TAK BERHOBI specific Men who have a specific hobby tend to spend money hobinya. This also applies to men who like to shop. Of course there are people who have a hobby have a specific fiber-rich. However, yet not all people have the lot so it can be rich. Men who do not have a specific hobby akan usually spent the money to shop based on mood. He does not feel likely to have specific needs, so reluctant to buy seusatu. 5. Blind RATES He does not know exactly what the difference between cheap or expensive goods. Forged it, ya shirt shirt. Shapes such as this, there is a size appropriate fit and used to the office. Men like this will not be problem with shirt cheapness. 6. Nose BUSINESS Have you ever heard him say (more or less), "This could be a business opportunity. I tried." That is, he can see something, anything small, as a business opportunity. Tiak many people have the ability like this. So, if he often hurl comments related to business opportunities, can be so talented she is rich. 7. HARD WORKERS Have a nose just is not enough business without working hard. This is to distinguish a heavyweight with pemimpi dream chaser. A dream chaser will try to realize the ideals sekuatnya-citanya. Of course, with hard work. 8. Specialty Note deh, whether Si He has one or two skills khsuus. For example, he was good with the computer, clever lobbying, or anything. This special ability can be in the capital he lives. Male types tend to survive in this life. 9. Many FRIENDS Have friends everywhere. Not only former high school friends, college or office. But also from other communities, that you may never think before. People mean many friends can have a wide networking. So, in the which he also will be able to live (well). 10. Keeping Pertemanan Sometimes you are irritated because he was diligent to call or SMS is not important to his friends. Just say hello can linger. Properly, you need not be annoyed, because this is how to maintain Pertemanan. People may have many friends, but if he can not keep, so only futile. 11. EASY are Only people who are an easy fun. Go to any new place, he could easily have a chat friend. This indicates that the person he is open, have a sense of humor and are quite knowledgeable. People like this are usually not difficult to adapt to the new environment, including new types of work. So, he does not need to worry do not have a good job. 12. CONFIDENCE He knew exactly what the advantages and kekurangannya, and others also believe so. So, he does not tremble when interacting with other people, or required to do something new. Including that he believes he can be eligible to live this day or day after tomorrow, with you. 13. FOCUS In doing anything, he was the focus. Terceraikan not easily distracted by other things. People usually have a focus on the responsibilities of both. This is how he tries to reach ideals-citanya, completing the work, and serious build your life together. 14. Optimistic You almost never hear, "Ah, so," enggak could, "" It is impossible I can do it "," Malas ah ", and the like. Lelaki akan pessimistic survive in a difficult life. Optimism can make someone able to do things that count difficult on paper. 15. Healthy Penyakitan akan men spend more time with not doing anything .. Not to mention the cost doctors and hospitals that more expensive does not make sense. Both of your money will run out here. In addition, healthy people will be able to think with more healthy. Never get stuck on the outside and the mouth that says, "to life guaranteed anytime, Sayang." Because, the most you feel comfortable living with it, he can make your life meaningful, and you can laugh with him. Source: Here

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