Monday, June 8, 2009

Technical - Basic Technical climbing / Rock Climbing

Many people say this is a sport that is less berseni. apanya less berseni try? Maybe they all say that because they never try to sport a super duper cool according to me this. One thing I do in the important upgrade, which is Kelengkapan a means of self-confidence and security to our tool is, after all the required next step is how the techniques that we have to do kuasai in a climb. Here akan explain about how the techniques commonly in use in climbing...[...] Technical Hiking: 1. Face Climbing: The swarm on the surface of the cliffs where there is still a protrusion or cavity as adequate grip feet and hands. The climber mempunytai beginners usually a tendency to rely in part on the body weight of hand grip, and a meeting place to crouch cliffs. This is the wrong habits. Human hand can not be used to maintain body weight than feet, so the burden will be on hand to maintain the fast exhausting the balance of the body. The tendency to strengthen the body weight can lead to the occurrence of cliffs moment on the pedestal style legs. This provides the opportunity to slip. Heavy concentration on a narrow field (pedestal feet) will give the style of friction and better stability. 2. Friction / slab Climbing: This technique solely rely solely on friction style as style penumpu. This is done on the surface of the canyon that is not too vertical, the surface roughness to produce enough friction style. Style friction obtained with the largest burden gesek field with the field as much as normal as possible. Sol shoes and a good foot above the maximum assessment will provide a good style gesek. 3. Fissure Climbing: This technique utilizes slit that is used by members of the body that seems to function as a pivot. With this rate, and some development, the following techniques. * Jamming: swarm technique by using a slit is not so large. Fingers hands, feet, or hands can be inserted / diselipkan in the slit so that seems like a wedge. * Chimneying: vertical fissure swarm technique that is quite big (chomney). Entrance slit of the body, and back in one of the cliffs. The foot patch on the front of the cliffs, and the longer stick to the back. Both hands are placed next to. Both hands over the same time help mendororng with both feet and keep pushing the body weight. * Bridging: swarm technique in the vertical slit large enough (gullies). How to use both hands and feet as a grip on the second slit. Position astride the body, legs, aided by the confluence of the guard also serves as a balance. * Lay Back: technical vertical slit on the shin with the hands and feet. On this technique of finger caught the edge with a back slit sloping in such a way to menenpatkan both feet on the edge opposite the slit. Interesting kebelakang hands and feet and then push forward and move up to top silih switch. Based on the ascent of the Division of Hearing: 1. Free Climbing: In accordance with the name, free climbing on the equipment which is both most ourselves. However, safety can be improved themselves with the skills obtained from both the training and follow the correct procedures. On the free climbing, the equipment works just as when falling. In pelaksanaanya install it while moving, so even without the tools he is still able to move or to continue climbing. In this type of climbing climber secured by a belayer. 2. Free Soloing: It is part of the free climbing, but sipendaki really do with all the risk that faces sendiri.Dalam ready pergerakannya he does not need the equipment. To make a free soloing climbing, a climber should really find out all kinds of obstacles on the route or movement is passed. In fact, sometimes he must first of all menghapalkan movement, both the object and grip, so that people usually do akan free soloing climbing when he was climbing on the same track. Risks faced by this type of climber is fatal once, so that only people who are able and truly a professional who will do so. 3. Atrificial Climbing: P emanjatan cliffs with the help of additional equipment, such as nail edge, drill, stirrup, etc.. Equipment must be used for climbing in the field every so often faced by the less or not at all object to provide opportunities for movement or adequate. Source: Here

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