Friday, June 19, 2009

4 Make Up Collection Women's Compulsory

Women in the dictionary, to appear beautiful requires sacrifice. However, you do not need to sacrifice so that the bait always appear perfect. You can memaksimalkannya with some make-up collection that has been owned...[...] Simply collect a series of beauty products that have been there, and enter into the bag. Up to the time you travel is always ready to beautify themselves with "must make up the items." As dilansir Sheknows, he is the series of several "must have items make up" that you must take it in the bag: False nails Want to have healthy nails and look terawat without waiting time? No need to bother because the crane claw in a short time you can still appear beautiful by using the false nails. How easy, simply paste the false nails on the original nails, you can directly show style. Generally, to obtain a beautiful fake nails, you can use the method of continuation of nails with two options, namely gel or powder. For you who want to use a false nail from the gel, you will be free from the smell of the nail and the original will not be any damage. But if you use powder, it will be a little smelly. Mascara Mascara can make long cilia, lentik, and thick. But before you buy, you must adjust them to the original condition cilia. If you want to create a natural effect penebalan, you can choose the mascara brush with thick and thin, but decline in one of the edges. Meanwhile, if you want to make the effect more long cilia and lentik, you can choose the brush size smaller, with a rare feather. Blush on Use blush on the right to cover the shortfall and make the face look more beautiful. You can edit menyiasatinya with the lack of face through shading techniques pengaplikasian and blush on the face. Suppose if you have a rounded face shape, you can wipe with a spectacular display techniques in shading the cheeks mandible. In addition, you can apply blush on the menyapunya to the top so that it gave the impression more oval face. Meanwhile, if your oval face, you can apply the shading on the chin and forehead so that the limit of hair over the face of impressive short. Oleskan blush on horizontal boundaries segaris nose. Skin care products the right Skin healthy make a beauty of a woman radiated more, especially if you merawatnya with the right product. As a skin care product that is safe and does not cause skin irritation on the face of Genesis is a charity production of L'Oreal. Materials actively useful mengoptimalisasi skin cell regeneration. Genesis charity into appropriate solutions for the skin of women with a lot of problems. Skin will look like skin of a new born baby. (NSA)

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