Friday, June 19, 2009

The Secret Beautiful Experience

In general, women spend more time caring for the hair salon, but it is the case with the beautiful actress Mischa Barton. To show the style, the stars of "The Oc" is thus reluctant to arrange hair...[...] As quoted from Femalefirst, former lovers original English rocker, Luke Pritchar happy to leave this more hair to appear natural. For that, Mischa does not choose to follow the latest trends or simply use a series of hair care products. In fact, Mischa happy comb hair once a day. "I let a long rambutku always tergerai. I do not menatanya. Rambutku so strong and healthy. I am always up with Herbal Essence shampoo. After up to bed, I menyisirnya only one time," he said. Not only are reluctant to arrange hair, Mischa also confess too busy doing other body treatments, such as manicure or pedicure. "Everyone in Los Angeles obsessed beautify their finger nails. In fact, they spend USD10 for the manicure, but I am too busy. Therefore, I simply do it yourself at home. When you do, I like using the nail color collection Vandetta Channel selection with color dark purple and red, "he said. (NSA)

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