Friday, June 19, 2009

Simoncelli: My Yamaha Main Options

GERNO IN LESMO - GP250 Champion survive, Marco Simoncelli, the last development plan kepindahannya to MotoGP...[...] Speculation last mention, Mad Marco will join the Honda began in 2010. But in fact not the case. Rider periwigged broccoli is even said himself more interested in defending Yamaha. Simoncelli said: "I have not signed a cooperation contract with Honda. I have to talk with the Gresini Honda, but I have not met or talked with people from Japan's Honda." Simoncelli also believed to have received a quote for Tech 3 Yamaha in front of the season. This option seems preferable Simoncelli. Added in visordown, Thursday (18/6/2009): "I have options in the choice between the Yamaha as a major, then a new Honda. But, I do not hold any hand in order to be able to close the negotiations." One other major motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, will certainly be Mad Marco. "Ducati to try to recruit me, but I think even though motornya is very fast, to be able to remove the power you need to be a rider with a lot of experience and that I have not in the larger engine." (tan)

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