Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Alchemyst: The Secret of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Book this essay Michael Scott tells about a pair of twin children, Josh & Sophie Newman, two teenagers usual-usual course that should be involved in full combat magic. Gara-garanya bookstore owner turns the work that Josh is a man immortal, a Alchemyst famed in history and legend, namely Nicholas Flamel. When Josh is working, suddenly the enemy bebuyutan Flamel, Dr. John Dee came to seize Codex, the Book of Abraham Magus containing secret-secret magic most strong...[...] In the middle of contention magic, Dee successfully seize and kidnap Paranelle Codex, the wife of Nicholas. Nicholas brought Josh & Sophie vague to seek help. They meet the Elders for help against Dee and employers, and the Dark Elders to retake Codex and save Paranelle. While it is Josh & Sophie find themselves in that they have a hidden talent that has been predicted since 10 thousand years ago. -- This book is one of the many books that talk about the Alchemyst legend, Nicholas Flamel, and the Sorcerer Stone liquids Life (Elixir of Life). But Michael Scott, the author does not make it as a main topic. He put more emphasis on story bangkitnya Ras Elders, races inhabit the earth for 10 thousand years before humans first appeared. Elders have the race & the forward tekonologi. What is called as the magic man is in fact knowledge of the Elders. The Elders are forced to evacuate from the Earth after humans find iron. They do have major weaknesses of the iron. But there are still some Elders who live with men, and adored as gods. Deities in Egyptian mythology, Norse & Greek told the Elders that are still living in the Earth. Despite talk about magic and mythology, this book still includes the elements of modern culture during this period. The twin told repeatedly find out information about the mythology in Google & Wikipedia. They also have the iPhone, mobile phone bluetooth, and even blog. Although it is also redundant. Alternative history also found in this book. Great Fire of London, the fire meluluh lantakkan city London in 1666, is in fact ulah Dr. John Dee is using a fire demon to pursue Flamel. Even Noah Flood, who told the holy book of many religions, that is also the effect of the magic race Elders. Unfortunately, so many elements is not unique at the same time with a good groove. While reading this book, it seems alurnya even-even just from the beginning to the end, I almost do not even realize that the book is almost finished when read in the last chapter. Gara-garanya stories about pertempurannya less bite. However, I still do with kelanjutannya. Yes, this book is planned to be released in 6 series. Each title is given in accordance with 6 branch of science that there is magic: The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress, The Necromancer, The & The Enchatress warlock.

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