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Review Film : Star Trek

Yesterday night, after obtaining financial assistance, I finally watch this film. At first I was not too interested, because the Star Trek series itself is still foreign to me. Film and TV-series is already a very famous, but who knows why I reluctant to explore. But yah, because of many recommendations and reviews saying that this film is good, (even rotten Tomattoes give 95% rating) I do so, such as what this film...[...] * Spoiler alert * Film starts at Star Fleet aircraft USS Kelvin checks are a black hole. Suddenly from the black hole appears a giant plane and immediately shoot Kelvin. Time is almost destroyed, Nero, a Romulan nation that is also foreign aircraft captain Kelvin contact the captain and ask them to come to the aircraft and conduct negotiations. Shortly before leaving, Captain Robau the primary officer, George Kirk, to be captain and take over the plane. Correct course, when negotiations on foreign aircraft, Nero killed Captain Robau and ordered the child to mengahancurkan fruit Kelvin. George immediately ordered the entire crew to do the evacuation by air boat, including his wife who will bear. George is forced to live in their own USS Kelvin and continued resistance to foreign aircraft that do not attack aircraft lifeboat. At the last moment, when he akan menabrakkan USS Kelvin, he was still communicating with his wife, who at that time has developed her son. George gave him the name of Jim pesawatnya before finally explode. 25 years later, James Tiberius Kirk was growing up. He is a smart young man, but always behave reckless. After a scuffle and get a sermon out of Captain Pike, Kirk finally ready to join the Starfleet Academy. Pike captain gave him a challenge to rival his father's violence, which the captain for 12 minutes but it has saved 800 lives. In the academy, and Kirk took Kobayashi Maru test, a simulation for a rescue plane. In business, the third, Kirk santainya complete with tests, so the issue of prejudice pengujinya. Correct course, Kirk has been directly accused memprogram re-test by the test's creator, Spock. Collide at the middle of the argument is a test, enter the report that the planet Vulcan, Spock home a disaster has occurred. Starfleet command immediately ordered the evacuation assistance to Vulcan. Kirk, in the middle of the suspension, was not included in the mission. But with the help of friends Leonard McCoy, who has medical expertise, Kirk can infiltrate into the new aircraft Starfleet, USS Enterprise. While in the Enterprise, Kirk realizes that the symptoms that occur with the Vulcan same symptoms that occurred during his day, or when the plane his father, attacked and destroyed by aircraft belonging to foreign nations Romulan. He immediately warned the captain USS Enterprise, Captain Pike to stop the mission, because it is possible pitfall of the nation's Romulan. But Captain Pike, the logical suggestion of the main officer, Spock, forward the mission. Correct course, after warp, they saw a giant aircraft had destroyed the plane and the other Starfleet are drill into the planet Vulcan. Narada, the Romulan aircraft, also nearly destroyed the Enterprise captain when Nero gave the command to stop. He also contact the Enterprise and ask the captain to come to pesawatnya to negotiate. The same as 25 years ago. Captain Pike, who realize there is no option, to approve the request Nero. But in the journey, he was carrying three people perwiranya, Kirk, Sulu & Olson to go and destroy the borer. But in the mission, and although death Olson successfully stop the drilling process, drill machine is not destroyed and a hole has been made to the core of the planet Vulcan. Kirk & Sulu, a successful return to the teleport in the Enterprise, reported that there is a capsule to be in the hole drilling results. Capsule was a red matter, a substance that when exposed to fire in a little amount of course, able to produce a black hole that can suck up a planet. Realizing planetnya in danger, Spock to Vulcan immediately teleport to save the tribe elders and the Vulcan both parents. But unfortunately, in the midst of business, the mother, who is human can not terselamatkan Earth. Get a jolt after a very hard planetnya destroyed and most people who die dikasihinya, Captain Spock who was appointed after Captain Pike disandera the Romulan, but with the style of Vulcan logic to its Enterprise ordered to return to the other ship, find out after the next goal is Narada Earth. Kirk, the plan is not reasonable, they will not be until the appropriate time before Narada destroy Earth. Spock remains on the color that they need assistance to overcome the Narada. After debate and a little fighting, Kirk Spock issued and remove them from the plane to a remote planet called snow Delta Vega. On this planet, be pursued after a chase each monster, unexpectedly met with Kirk Spock from the future. He said that in the future of himself and Kirk is a friend, with a different period now, where they both understand always disagree. Spock's future is directly share memory with the Kirk, told what is actually happening. So, 129 years in the future, Spock who has been a Federation ambassador, got a job to save the planet is threatened Romulan Supernova exposed to electrical current. He plans to use red for the matter to create black holes suck in Supernova. But unfortunately, it was too late, Supernova has gobble Romulan planet before black holes swallow ciptaannya the Supernova. Narada crew, who at that time is a ship penambang, is the last remaining folk Romulan. Ship's captain, Nero, Spock blame on the Romulan planet destruction, and death of his wife, expectant. He then ordered the crew to pursue pesawatnya Spock. In the midst of battle, Narada and Spock tersedot to ship in a black hole created by the earlier Spock. They also terlempar to the past is different. Nero and crew to Narada terlempar period 154 years ago and met USS Kelvin, such as at the beginning of the story, while Spock terlempar to that year, where he met Kirk. Nero who have waited 25 years coming Spock, successfully catch it when the plane was out of the black hole. He and backup pesawatnya sequester red matter in it and remove Spock to Delta Vega so that he can witness how planetnya will be destroyed, and feel what is felt by Nero. Older Spock to tell Kirk that the only way to save Earth is to grab a chair from the captain a young Spock, so Kirk can pursue Narada. For that, the emotions must Kirk Spock young, because the captain must be replaced emosinya shaken by the main officer. Kirk and Spock and the old station at the remote property of Starfleet Delta Vega, and Scott met, "candidates" The more sophisticated the teleport. Kirk Scott and then return together to the Enterprise with the pro-teleport, but they are considered as captured by it and Spock. Kirk utilize interrogation moments to memancaing emotional Spock, bob up and down with the prize-death matter of the mother. Spock is terpancing emosinya, then resigned from the position of captain and replaced by Kirk. Kirk immediately ordered the crew to pursue Enterprise Narada. After hiding in the belt to avoid the Saturn detected Narada, Kirk with Spock, who has been calm and emosinya be good to Kirk, together infiltrate into Narada to steal red matter and to save Captain Pike. Spock found after plane load of red matter, which is actually the plane of the future Spock, Captain Kirk to find the Pike after nearly killed by Romulan forces. Meanwhile Spock successful new plane, with the drill machine that hollow earth has begun. After get the certainty that Captain Pike have been saved, Spock seeks menubrukkan pesawatnya to Narada, to detonate a large amount of red matter is in menghancrukan and Narada. They all work is saved by the system teleport from Scotty, who can move an object from two different places. After successfully destroying Narada and save themselves from the black hole supermasive, Kirk was promoted to Captain and then officially by Komando Starfleet. He then with the body-other Enterprise crew, start looking for a mission life & foreign world, where no man has gone before.

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