Friday, June 26, 2009

Brazil to overtake the U.S. Final

Johannesburg - Brasil step to fight top Confederation Cup in 2009. In the semifinal, Friday (26/6/2009), a successful silent Selecao host South Africa with a slim 1-0 score...[...] Brazil win after struggling through the fight game discipline South Africa. Brazil obtained a new victory two minutes after the bout. Brazil win but feasible, because the road is able to control the match. Control of the ball into the main dish first round in Brazil. Guided puncture-puncture diperagakan the trio Kaka, Robinho, Luis Fabiano from the middle, appears dominant in Brazil throughout this phase. Assisted two-back Maicon and winger Andre Santos, Brazil flows swift attack to the heart of host defense. However, a solid defense diperagakan children of South Africa is able to muffle the rate of the Samba team is built. Selecao also the first opportunity came in the new 12 minutes, while the left foot kick Ramires were released from outside the penalty box to reach the framework of South African wicket. Tendangannya but weak, so Itumeleng Khune can easily catch the ball. South Africa is not without resistance. Steven Pienaar who became the attack Bafana-Bafana, often provide surprises through its role in a scheme behind the attack. In the minutes to-21, the team even care Joel Santana nearly winning the first set of one piece of the field work be struck Aaron Mokoena. Unfortunately tandukannya melesat to the head Julio Cesar. Brasil reply through the opportunities that Kaka in the first round. Unfortunately, the curved kick Real Madrid player is released out through the far pole. After coming down to drink, tight defense South Africa still continues to be ganjalan Brazil. Imbasnya, Brazil in a rhythm game. Bafana-Bafana even threatening hurdle Selecao change. Os Canarinhos attacks clogged with Brazil used by both Pienaar cs opportunities to make the request. Many times they are behind the attacks peragakan, making Brazil a loss. Lucky for Brazil, goalkeeper Julio Cesar is able to mementahkan efforts Afsel. Impasse point of the two continues to eleven-minute final minutes, until Brazil coach Carlos Dunga perform the replacement players in the minutes to-82. Right decision, because the book is able to bring Brazil to the final. Daniel Alves incoming replace Andre Santos, successful silent Ellis Park stadium. Curved free kick that Alves is directed to the far pole, with a swift jab Khune hurdle left corner. Dramatic. Score 1-0 changed. Brazil eventually the United States reserves the right flank that is first step to final. (tan)

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