Friday, June 26, 2009

Bing accused crib

LONDON - special search service called Kayak travel claims that the Travel features Bing Bing on the search engine owned by Microsoft is very similar to their company site. They do not stay silent because of the requirement to fly and this similarity confuses consumers Kayak...[...] Telegraph, Friday (26/6/2009) spread, Kayak has sent a letter to notify Microsoft of similarity between Bing Travel with Kayak. ? We have to contact them through official channels and explain so many similarities of the Bing and Kayak? said Chief Marketing Officer Kayak, Robert Birge. Features on the Kayak Travel and Bing have the same search results that show the complete tour itinerary which can be selected by the users by checking the available options and move the slider selection. A number of technology experts who review the latest Microsoft search engines directly find out the similarity between the two sites. The result, they also claim travel on the interface Bing Travel truly mimic features Kayak. Respond to this case, the Director of the Bing, Whitney Burke, a statement disputed the Kayak. He mentioned the similarity between them is not to trace the features of Microsoft Kayak. ? We have been discussing this problem. Bing Travel is the result of independent development that is made by Microsoft and Is not the result of plagiarism from any site, "said Burke. But that claim does not appear to affect any of the Bing. New search engine is currently enjoying the amount of progress that sahamnya slowly increases. Although Google has not been overcome, at least, the results of the comScore survey says Bing in the U.S. position 16.7 percent of search traffic in the U.S. since June 8 set. (srn)

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Tukang Nggame on June 26, 2009 at 2:38 PM said...

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