Friday, June 26, 2009

Flying planes equipped with a Sun

LONDON - Swiss adventurer Bertrand Picard origin exhibit prototype aircraft will be equipped with a sun menemaninya flying around the world...[...] Aircraft equipped with a sun has an 61 meter length and weight of 1,500 kilograms. The plan, in the near future Picard akan flight testing the aircraft at night. Earlier in 2009, Picard had previous history of making travel around the earth without stopping the air with the balloon. Now he wanted to show the potential for renewable energy through the results of the paper plane berenergi sun. Such information is quoted from the BBC, Friday (26/6/2009). "I want to wander the world with this plane, the sun's energy. I like the vision of where we must determine the goal and try to find ways to achieved this. This is the challenge of diverting," said Picard. With optimism, Picard said akan trip to Atlantic in 2012 with the aircraft buatannya this. This trip will most likely be filled with risko. The plane made Picard on solar energy as fuel. However, Solar Impulse team that helped design the flight mission has been to find a solution for this. The aircraft is specially designed using the sun's energy efficient. There is also a battery backup that save energy so that the sun still get plane energy suppliers in the dark or at night. (srn)

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