Friday, June 26, 2009

10 Sex Secret

1. Hum-hum night Lip service, the time he was busy in the area of the mouth, Miss V, do not forget him for the buzz. The sound of the slide from the mouth, it appeared to be horrible klitoris. Sensasinya is thin with a vibrator installed with maximum strength!..[...] Level favors: Depending on the power of propaganda husband. Communicate about the strength and rhythm in order to feel the effects. Possibility at the time the first try you will not get a way with rhythm. 2. Love that lollipop Still a matter of the mouth between the pair compete with Miss V, perhaps the mouth of technical services is very attractive in the country of England there. Here's how: put the mouth of the point he was right in the heat most areas south of you, then ask him to rub the scrub-Miss V the middle of talking with the wide and flat. Level favors: Very strongly absorbed. If you want to create a pair terkejap-eye wink, recommended techniques, such as eating lollipop betulan. 3. Scissor Sisters When you and your husband do missionary position, place both feet on the armed crowd. This will create a cave Miss V impressed so short, and Mr. P is also longer and longer! Level favors: Very suitable for heating as the first round or last round was quite difficult when you are tired. This position is very comfortable because as women do not need to remove the extra energy a bit. But it was still yummy. 4. Gotcha Gotcha / Quickie At the time of unexpected, given the heat shock pair. For example, when a new issue after shopping from the supermarket, while net-net at home, or even at home when the law or make friends! Level favors: Beat faster because of the fear out so make sex more sexy. Kekurangannya, you can not mengekpresikan feelings with three pairs of octave lenguhan as usual! 5. Good Morning, Darling Place the alarm twenty minutes earlier in the morning. According to experts sex, male hormone testosteron you are on the highest level dipagi days. Wake up early = You have time to do extra activities thrill! Level favors: Make in the morning really felt much more heat. Even faster, but the effect is felt. 6. Scrub and Rub Mr. P is that he was stout-gagahnya? Do not casually dianggurkan! Scrub-gosokkan the long sword in this V Miss you. Level favors: The result will be rather delicious mengagalahkan sex toys mananpun. 7. Then Sip Slurp Drink a glass of red wine right before the make. I wonder, wine akan kadar testosteron in the body, especially if you take pills KB. Result, the sensation is very comfortable in front of the eye! Level favors: More hot and delicious. 8. Do not Stop Now Do you make while being extremely tired? Seems little need to try. According to psychologist Susan Quinn, feeling tired which is very heavy sometimes even trigger orgasme longer. What, when tired, you want to feel relaxed, and enjoy the the Big Bang! Level favors: No one tried this tips kesedian with both parties, the burden of fatigue you will fly immediately. 9. How do you say? Bermesraan time being, try to pronounce the sentence of the section and seduce in a foreign language. For example, only in French: tumexcites' (which means: You make me skittish) or in Italian: baciami (which means: Ciumlah ak). Level favors: Make the event more cool and a knowledge of foreign languages increases. 10. Hold It There Do not urinate before make. According to Estelle Lauder, sex researchers, many women claim to experience a very intense pleasure. Level favors: It's stomach a little depressed, but at the bottom there is very delicious. (10) Sex Secret

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