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The legend Hacker

Kevin David Mitnick (born August 6 1963) is a security consultant and creator of the computer. He is one of the computer hacker the most controversial in the late 20th century, which is the most computer criminal in the United States sought...[...] A knock sounded from the door of apartments, Kevin Mitnick opened the door and found dozens of FBI agents and other law enforcement is prepared to catch it. This is the end of the journey of a hacker who had buron in order to avoid imprisonment. Hackers during buronannya it has obtained legendary status, has even grown into a myth that is greater than himself sendiri.Penangkapan happened in 1995 that marked the beginning of the case of the most controversial arrest of the perpetrator of a cyber crime. Mitnick is a computer system on it and reincarnate as America's Most Wanted Hacker. Addictions Computers Because his family was not enough berduit to have your own computer, learn computer Mitnick with nongkrong at radioshack stores or in public libraries. In the period of 1990s, Mitnick easy entry exit system. But in the late 1980s, he actually wanted to leave hobinya that and start looking for a legitimate job. Unfortunately, before it, in 1987 he caught the pass in a company's Santa Cruz Organization, a software company that mainly engaged in the field of Unix operating system. When the lawyer Mitncik successfully reduce the alleged crime to be a lack of good action, Mitnick also diganjar only 3 years probation. Not until the return trip a year Mitnick case law. Gara-garanya a friend that he use the computer to other computers break Mitnick reported to authorities. Computer dibobol that Mitnick is owned by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Each time the computer break the code Mitnick is taking it from the software. Code and then he learned that very seriously, sometimes found several weaknesses in it. Mitnick opportunity in a just claim to take the code from the compiler software that he or the like for him. In the case of DEC Mitnick prisoners who get the more weight. At that Mitnick has pengacaranya mentions "addicted to the computer that can not be stopped." He diganjar 1 year in prison. Mitnick in prison get a bad experience. At that time, Mitnick name or a known name with the fictitious' The Condor 'as a villain so melegenda computer. So that the warden at Lompoc, where the prison arrested Mitnick, Mitnick could think to infiltrate your computer with just the sound and start the phone. Hence, Mitnick is not only can not use the phone, he also spent many hours in the isolation room. No wonder then if he dikabarkan experienced little interference when a life sentence at Lompoc. In 1989 Mitnick released from prison. He tried to find a formal job, but their status as former prisoners make Mitnick difficult to maintain employment. Finally, he worked as pendulang information office for private investigators office. Of course this Mitnick dragged back in to the virtual world. In the early 1990s, Mitnickpun searched by FBI again. This time the fear of the entry room isolation for years, decided to Mitnick blurred. Hacking The Human Side Expertise as a hacker Mitnick is not limited to the mere technical ability. He was a correct understanding of the security computer system that consists of aspects of the organization's policies, human resources, process involved and the technology used. Had he a super hero, Mitnick is the main ability of the social science practice enggineering aka social engineering. This is a technique to get important information, such as passwords, by using human weakness. Ability Mitnick is best illustrated in the following story, the story itself dikisahkan Mitnick on a forum online "On one occasion, my friend by the one to get the number (phone) Sprint Foncard it. He said that will buy dinner if I can get that number. I will not refuse to eat well, so I tried to contact the Customer Service and perpura ostensibly as a part of information technology. I ask the officer replied that if he had difficulty in ssitem used. He is not, I ask that the system used to access customer data, I want to pretend to verify. He mentioned the name of the system. " "After that I call back Costumer Service and connected with a different officer. I said that my computer is broken and I want to see a customer data. He said that the data is already berjibun question. What's your name? You work for who? Address where you are? Yah, like that. Since I'm less research, I draw up a name and place only. Failed. He says the phone-akan phone on security. " "As I noted his name, I bring a friend and about a situation that will happen. I ask that friend to masquerade as a 'security investigators' notes for a report from the Customer Service and speak with the officers before. As the' investigators' he said to receive reports of people try to get the customer's personal information. After the discussion concerning the phone before, 'investigators ask what the requested information before the caller. Officials say the number Foncard.' investigators' to ask, how is the number? And the officer is to give the number. Oops. The case is finished " Buron As a fugitive Mitnick floating residence, and refuse various kebiasaannya. However, one thing that can not be abandoned is hobinya mengoprek computer network and internet. Perhaps even some expertise is used to obtain a new identity. During the buron reputation become. He reincarnate as' Cyber Ninja 'which seems to break the computer with the Pentagon only television remote, a rumor that exceeds any fictional story. Why Mitnick, in the case of a buron piercing machine, could become the most sought criminals? This is not separated from the role of mass media. In particular is a series of sensational articles from John Markoff published in the New York Times. Markoff condemn Mitnick is like a terrorist. In a statement released after a long, Mitnick himself mentions that the image displayed Markoff like a terrorist who tried to control the nuclear world. "I will be a fake Osama bin Mitnic," he said archly. Markoff describes Mitnick as a death, can not be terminated and is eligible to become FBI fugitive ten large and other law enforcement. Article Mafkoff, which sometimes appears on the front page, the candidate most Mitnick pilot project on cyber crime. Mitnick then the future may be spelled out in the prison have written at that time also. During a buron Mitnick still run aksinya. He break many big computer companies. Including Sun Microsystems. It was a break on account of online storage service to store the backup of the results aksinya. Mitnick does not actually work alone, but when caught he never said anyone colleagues. One of the victims of Mitnick is T. Shimomura, a computer expert in any posts on the internet some doubt kebersihannya. There are allegations that Shimomura was also a hacker who frequently perform illegal acts. One thing that many have approved Shimomura is the attitude seems arogan and want to appear as a hero in the story Mintick hunting. Shimomura, Markoff and FBI shoulder shoulder to catch the fugitive. Guide's news sensasionalnya Mafkoff, Shimomura hacking ability and power of law to the FBI finally track Mitnick residence. As the story usually tertangkapnya seoarang buron, Mitnick to negligence. Storage service that he has apparently use automated programs to fill mencek file saved. The owner of the account that is used to get Mitnick's warning system on the excess capacity. This is the beginning of the tertangkapnya Mitnick. Mitnick admitted that his careless because they do not suspect that the FBI, Shimomura, Markoff, and wireless phone service provider to work together so closely and integrated. "Plans mobile searches in the database against the billing them to dial-up Internet service Netcom POP. This, as can be suspected, they can identify the area and call the number MIN (mobile identification number) that I use at that time. Because I often switch number , they observe any call data that occur in these locations. Then, with the tool Cellscope 2000 Shimomura, track the signal to my phone to the right location, "Mitnick menuturkan. Two weeks before tertangkapnya Mitnick new move to Raleigh. New location less vigilant and make sure he track line to dial-up use. Several hours before tertangkapnya Mitnick, tracking and control is being carried out on paths that use it. When he tried to track the extent to which control has been done to tracking who is behind, he heard the door knocking. Mitnick opened the door and faced with dozens of FBI and U.S. Marshall. Four Half Year swing Mitnick arrested after caught with no possibility of collateral. He also never asked for the court. Approximately four years to spend it without any certainty. This is really frustrating to make Mitnick. During the FBI in prison, he did not get the opportunity to know the case. In fact, Mitnick and pengacaranya can not see the case as there is in the laptop and access for laptop Mitnick is considered dangerous. Mitnick dituding cruise missile can only make a start laptop or phone. Restrictions still apply even if pengacaranya using the laptop without a modem and network capabilities of any kind. Mitnick eventually dituding cause damage to hundreds of millions of dollars. Mitnick menyangkalnya. Because according to him the company does not even reported injured in the loss their annual reports. Mitnick final agreement for recognition is guilty. Guilty in the case of piercing the computer and tapping phone lines. Mitnick surrender and follow it, the rewards years 4 years more time in prison as the prisoners are. Total Mitnick punished dipenjara is 5 years, 4 years in the custody of float and the rest 1 year. He was released in 2000 with the condition should not touch the computer or phone. In 2002 he could use a new computer but not connected to the Internet. New in 2003 he was using the Internet for the first time. Since exempt Mitnic trying to improve his life. He write two books about hacking, other than that he also founded its own security consulting company. "Hacker is the only crime that expertise can be used again for something that unethical. I never see it in others, eg ethical robbery," said Mitnick.

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