Friday, June 26, 2009

Confidential Hair On Men

For the people I want to talk adam nih, kalo hair bak crown also for men. Nha ... through our nih crop, you can guess the women our personality ... Let's check it out! • Hair PLONTOS..[...] Many of those who say nii I plontos hair on men, it seems abiis section. Katanya sih kayak Samuel Rizal. This is also true lho. Because the men who deliberately made hair plontos indicates he has a hormone testosteron level in the blood. He considers himself very happy and feel the male hand fondling women on the skin of his head., ... Aiih slippery, bo. Mononjol other characters, it is not the person who is easy. • Standard Style Model hair bener-bener nii standard and the natural. Since adolescence model ga hair had changed. Men with hair like this indicates he is not a pemimpi. He ga have hope or desire-lust in his life. For him, life must be, so this day. Not the person who usually make decisions spontaneously. Tend to not want drastic changes in his life. • is slippery Nii usually the person who contrived hair slippery enough obsesif on cleanliness and hygiene. He can portray himself to the good image. Can keep a secret and hide virginity. Benefits, otaknya a mind-terkontaminasi negative thoughts. He also focused, responsible and have a self of belonging to something higher to be on own. • set back Hairdo set the kayak back to Leonardo di Caprio in the movie Titanic this figure shows the male head of the hard and generous, especially on friends and family. It was easy to despair and will complain when the circumstances are not in accordance with the desires. Instead, he will be really excited if the circumstances in accordance with expectation. • bangs TO HOME Men with hair like this show that rational personal, but sometimes easy involved with the mistaken thought. It was easy and diprovokasi float. If the person does not know, he will look to keep the distance. While such known, he was her faithful friends and philanthropist. In love relationships, it depends on the people who love him. • Hair JABRIK He was a hard time and the emotional. If he wanted something to get it before persist. He really like the freedom and do not like to set. He was smart sake of others and have the determination to advance. Other merit, smart talk and tends to lavish. • part TENGAH Style hair as he marks this time a simple, less confidence, to uphold the rules and norms that exist. His life straight, and not much demand. Tend to shy, but the word honest and trustworthy. Seleranya high. He spends huge sums in order to meet the high seleranya it. • Style MOHAWK He does not like to follow rules other than their own aturannya that he's correct. He was treated and happy note. He was not afraid to discuss what he think about the other people. He is also very focused primarily on the things that attract her interest. When he menggeluti a field, he akan menjalaninya seriously. Taste humornya high enough. In case he does not are finicky. • Discount smacking Berkepribadian hard and firm, but easily offended. People who can be relied upon in various situations. He would like to sacrifice for the sake of others. He had to establish a firm, diligent in work, my family and good health to maintain. • mutually MODEL Each month he is always changing hair model. This shows a dynamic personality or like new things. He was the person that is easy to adapt in the new environment even. Benefits, otaknya very creative. • Go straight VERY He has a personality that is free, always obey their own desires, strong opinion, and do not like to compromise. He was also very proud of himself. He is very selective and do not like the pairing of privacy. • long hair The view outside is visible violent, but he has a sensitive soul. Not easy to make him fall in love. But if his heart is mentok on someone, he will be difficult to turn. He is emotional type, but can be trusted and good heart. Although he was a man, the soul kekanakannya often appear. He often trapped in a teenage life by Nostalgia past. ()

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