Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baobab Tree, The Most Unique Trees

Tree in the forest of different trees with the deliberately planted to Does the city. In a forest of trees can grow up to the extraordinary size and reach the age of more than a thousand years...[...] Baobab is a tree which can age very long, so that the Baobab tree is often called the Tree of Life, which means Tree of Life. Perhaps, this tree can be aged up to 1500 years! Baobab is also famous for a very large size. Tree that grows in Africa, Madagascar this area, can grow up to 47 meter diameter and reach 15 meters. With that size, Baobak can store 300 liters of water during the rainy season as well. Dikeramatkan this tree in the area of origin, because the local residents about their fathers. (Awd) Baobab Tree, The Most Unique Trees

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