Thursday, June 25, 2009

Live Acts Dr. Mohammad Hatta

Mohammad Hatta was born on 12 August 1902 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. After completing the education in the country, in the year 1921 Hatta to leave the Netherlands following the lecture at the Handels Hogere School (Higher Economic School) in Rotterdam. This new course can be completed in 1932 because of the activities in Indonesia (PI)...[...] For 4 consecutive years, from 1926 until 1930, Hatta became the head of the PI. Organization of Indonesian students studying in the Netherlands is struggling to achieve independence of the nation on the basis of its own strength, made by all the people without racial discrimination. Hatta frequently attend the international congress held by the organization antikolonialisme. Hatta in Congress to introduce the nation's struggle against the colonial Dutch Indonesia. Hatta accuse the Government of the Netherlands in order to instigate the people rebelled. In September 1927 and Hatta leaders PI 3 people arrested and tried in court. During the Japanese occupation, Hatta joined Labor led the Center Rakyat (Putera). Hatta and then was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Preparation Committee of Indonesian Independence (PPKI). On August 17, 1945, Ir soekarno consort Hatta proclaim the independence of Indonesia. In the trial PPKI 18 August 1945, Hatta elected to the Vice President of RI. During the Independence War Hatta had also become the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Defense trap. Hatta and then was appointed as Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia States (Ris). Indonesia after the country returned to the form of unity, Hatta was again maret months in 1928. They were freed because court can not prove them wrong. Hatta returned to Indonesia in 1932. Sutan Syahrir together, Hatta lead a political party of National Education of Indonesia is well known as PNI-Baru. Because the political activities that, in January 1935 to Digul exiled Hatta, Hatta and then moved to Banda Naira, and finally to Sukabumi (West Java). He should be free setdlah Japan occupied Indonesia and became Vice President of RI. Position of Vice President Hatta dipangkunya to step down on 1 December 1956. Dr. Moh. Hatta is also known as the call Bung Hatta died in Jakarta on 14 March 1980. In accordance with amanatnya, jenazahnya dimakamkan in the General Land Funeral carman, Jakarta. Besides as a statesman, Hatta is also known as Mr. Coop. Live Acts Dr. Mohammad Hatta

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