Monday, June 8, 2009

Blackberry 3 Present This Year?

JAKARTA - Hutchinson CP Telecom dikabarkan akan present service for Blackberry users in Indonesia in 2009. "We see it play a later date, that clearly I would not know," said General Manager Vas Patricia Hutchinson CP Telecom Tedjasendjaja to Menara Jamsostek journalist in Jakarta, Monday (8/6/2009)...[...] Nevertheless, Patricia reluctant to explain in more detail about the Blackberry services are presented by akan telecommunications operator 3 is the product owner. Effect of red-faced for the Blackberry service is also disclosed Hermansjah Harjono, GM Marketing Product Development Hutchinson CP Telecom. "We see all those already holding the Blackberry, of course we also want to menghadirkannya," said Harjono. Penetration is high enough in the Blackberry service is still quite promising for the operator. Blackberry service is currently served three new large operator, Telkomsel, namely, Indosat, and Excelcomindo. Indosat launched its own plan even CDMA Blackberry service this year. (srn)

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