Monday, June 8, 2009

Customer Care 3 Exclusive Content with the MU

JAKARTA - Hutchison CP Telecom akan spoil customers with content-interesting content from top clubs Manchester United. Owner operator 3 (Tri) states has exclusive partnership with Manchester United (MU) during the season 3.5 (years) to organize content...[...] According to the Chief Commercial Officer Hutchinson CP Telecom, Suresh Reddy, a series of content Satan Red team can only enjoyed by Tri customers, both prepaid and post-pay with a very affordable rate. To enjoy the service, Tri provides five ways, namely through SMS (to tell the MU 777), voice portal-Say it united zone (contact 789, and say united), the mobile phone to access / MU , or website. The presence of content-content such as video, news, data and the customer is expected to push up the 3 at this time only as much 5.3 million customers. "In Indonesia, the MU has 28 million fans and we look forward to as many menggaet," Suresh said at a press meet on cooperation in the Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta, Senin (8/6/2009). Nevertheless, Suresh reluctant to explain the value of the business cooperation contract. "We can not revealing," elaknya. Later, Suresh said, though exclusive cooperation with the MU held for three and a half years, but only MU akan present only in 2009. "MU akan come only in 2009 this course, the plan next year and I have not been able to say," Suresh demolished. (srn) Source: Here

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