Monday, June 8, 2009

Q1 2009, soaring 800 Subscribers 3 Thousand

JAKARTA - Hutchinson CP Telecom, owner of the product 3, March 2009 to declare the number of customers reached 5.3 million subscribers. That number increased 800 thousand compared to year-end 2008. "Last year the number of our customers in 2008 amounted to 4.5 million customers," said General Manager Vas Hutchinson CP Telecom, Patricia Tedjasendjaja to journalists at the Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta, Senin (8/6/2009)...[...] Customer growth is supported with the expansion of the more extensive coverage. 3 at this time as much to serve 13 provinces in Indonesia. Related to the expansion of this service, Chief Commercial Officer of Hutchinson Suresh Reddy said, adding 3 akan BTSnya into 9000 until the end of the year 2009. "Currently we have a BTS 6000, and hopefully the end of the year we can add into 9000," said Suresh. However, the growth of subscribers, followed by 3 does not increase Arpu customers. Arpu number of subscribers is still very low Suresh. "Our overall Arpu ten thousand rupiah per month," said Suresh. (srn)

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