Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog ProKelantan Threatens Beberkan Acts beetle Family Manohara

JAKARTA - not only disputed the allegations, allegations that dilontarkan by Manohara, blog dedicated specifically to defend the Kelantan is also trying to reveal the ugliness family Manohara mother, Daisy Fajarina. Blog this address with the write new post with the title 'alleged evil'. In the posting, Manohara has considered defamatory of her husband, Tengku Tumenggung Fakhry. Even write a blog that is ibunda Manohara fraudster who always makes the beauty of her children as a means to get money...[...] "Indeed, making slander, cheat, steal of home is Dasiy Fajarina and diperturunkan to their children, the beauty of the face Manohara George Mann Dasiy taken by the opportunity to explore trade wang menyara for their lives after bersam households Pinot destroyed by extravagancy Dasiy fajarina," write blog of the owner of this identity is not known. In okezone watchlist, on Monday (1/6/2009), the owner seems very pro-blog with the kingdom of Kelantan. In fact, since the beginning of this case terkuak, this blog always provides denial-denial for alleged posted by Manohara family. Not only there until, as if the blog author also attempts to open the eyes of the Indonesian people about the life of beetle-ibunda Manohara. In addition to the father who always have a second child gadisnya, Manohara Odelia Pinot Asih and Dewi Sri, the author of the blog will also threaten the story unfold through the dark Daisy Fajarina the four men who claimed to have become her husband. "Do not panic Orangramai requested to speak with George Mann Manohara that, because disebalik allegations made by the Defamation Dasiy fajarina and Manohara George Mann sesautu which would have been hidden by families that have children 3 (Dasiy, Dawi and Mano). Background smth that they akan didedah by George Mann Father to Original Manohara in a little more time. Dasiy Who, whom and how the Goddess they both get Manohara, "tulisnya. "To Dasiy, to help dedahkan MEDIA, whom the Father and Mother Goddess Series Asih Kandong the actual, the Goddess can semuga-forward ideals citanya to continue learning outside the country with the calm," sambungnya. (srn) (oz)

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