Monday, June 1, 2009

Scientific Lab California Laser Create most in the World

Livermore - California launch the world's most powerful laser. Laser energy is created to help maintain the reserve nuclear weapons and also to study the earth. Yahoo Tech News, Monday (1/6/2009) launch, super laser that is officially called the National Ignition Facility (NiF) was launched on Friday last week at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was attended with the Governor of California, Arnold Schwazeneger...[...] NiF have a wide field of equal size balls. Consists of 192 separate laser beam. Each beam can travel through 1000 in thousand feet per second to bring the target in the form of a pencil sharpener at the same time. Federal officials say they plan akan use this laser to perform various tasks. Including the process find out the age of nuclear weapons that work properly without underground testing. The use of laser is to learn astrofisika and field trials in developing environment-friendly energy program. Start next year, scientists will also use the laser for experiments that aim to create a reaction mixture are the same as that found in the sun's energy. "The more energy produced through this method. The amount of laser energy needed to start it only slightly. This is the achievement of the goal of energy since a long time, more than half a century," said Director of NiF, Edward Moses. Laser is then used in akan astrofisika. With so scientists will make it easy to mimic conditions in the solar system and planet. One team will allow the laboratory experiments that have not been done before. (srn) (oz)

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