Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charly "ST12" And blown At Infus

Tired and breathless create vocalist Charly ST12 must diinfus a bottle. That happens when the show together with ST12 in the Playlist SCTV, Saturday (6 / 6). Fact was, Charly until all vomiting blood. "I kecapean from yesterday already feel crowded. Formerly, even the sick to vomiting blood. From the first set," explains vocalist Charly ST12, when found in the Penta Studio, Batusari, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (6 / 6) afternoon ...[..] Charl fatigue that was terkomplikasi with ulcer disease who dideritanya. This is going on at this time Charliy. "If the disease is usually kecapean ulcer recurrence. If relapse is so, so poor appetite. Conditions are so weak. Now, for example. During and after manggung like before, I have to diinfus one bottle," said Charly. Health is not prime, the decrease of weight berbuntut weight Charly to 5kg. Health condition is the only Charlie worked in full. In fact, to keep staminanya, Charly plans have private doctors. "Nggak ngoyo, Rejeki kan ngalirnya of God. In fact, for the heart health of this Pingin already have private doctors," his him. (STSetia/febri) Source: Here

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