Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft incredulous at the Android PC Capabilities

alifornia - The number of computer vendor to enter into the Android personal computer (PC) by Microsoft doubt. Software giant was able to halt Android operating system running on the PC. Doubt that slide from Steve Guggeneheimer, Corporate Vice President for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), said that feel himself does not believe that the Android will dibenamkan received in the PC market...[...] "I was quite skeptical that the market would receive a PC-based Android is," said Guggeneheimer, as dilansir Tech Radar, Friday (5/6/2009). "It's Android more berkosenterasi in the first smart phone, in order to focus more," specifically. Dilontarkan criticism that one of the senior officials in the company besutan Bill Gates is the maraknya to the vendor-vendor start race to bring the various products that dibenamkan with Android. In its own smart phone, Android hearts get in the gadget lover. This is evidenced by the sale of Google G1 sold millions of units. (srn) Source: Here

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