Friday, June 5, 2009

Shopping Virtual Objects Through Facebook

California - the more interesting content Facebook. Facebook users can now buy items through the virtual site is a portal to shop the withdrawal. Telegraph, Friday (5/6/2009) launch, Facebook already has internal payment system. Payment system that is still in this early stage allows the user to buy the 'currency' virtual issued Facebook. Currency can be used to purchase various virtual items from the developer or the application of Facebook itself...[...] Facebook hopes that the internal system of payment through online currency can make Facebook into seprti shopping portal. In this way, Facebook will be supporting the trade in the full site. This will be the new land because Facebook profits can get a percentage of each sale and purchase transactions. Joe Sullivan, advisor to Facebook affairs products, said Facebook will continue to be the sites that offer free services. The term of payment is only valid in the sale and purchase transactions on the site Facebook. "We are preparing a new term to give the user the flexibility to use the new features," said Sullivan. Currently, there are two ways of payment which can be selected users Facebook. First, through Facebook Gift Shop, where they can buy the currency to purchase a gift for a friend. Second, is to buy the currency through the Facebook advertising system. (srn) Source: Here

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