The song 'Puspa' property ST12 band name to bring home the rebound Bandung. Now Kristina is requested to sing a song from the answers' Puspa 'Dangdut version. "Charlie the phone on me. Kristina Mintanya who sing. I also had the same phone-teleponan Charlie, "said Kristina via the ponselnya, Wednesday (3/6/2009)...[...]


Somehow like what happens, but a clear track akan nuances Dangdut ala Kristina. Video clip has been, Kristina is ready to release a single market. While the matter of Malay music that started in Indonesia mushroom, Kristina confess I can not blame some people. According to Malay music can be well received in the country. "I do not blame Charlie. Indonesia is Malay, "said Kristina.