Friday, June 5, 2009

Grave Band Inspired By Ateng and Iskak

Still remember the action and Ateng Iskak the present figure Semar, Petruk, Bagong Gareng also? In fact from the event called 'Ria farcical' that inspired the grave for grooming. Not a grave of the band name if you do not appear excited and bermake-up bold. Bandung-based band that always exist in the dress up for every occasion. "This is inspired from the 'Ria witty'. Then the small but fearsome ngelihatnya why sister-sister and I laugh at the parents? So I pengen kayak gitu. Look hideous but even entertaining," said Priya sang the vocalist in the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Jakarta Pusat, Kamis (4/6/2009)...[...] As the quotation from detikhot, pelantun hits' Forget-forget Remember 'is always set up a costume for each session they. Usually they set a theme in each konstumnya according to the event. "Usually we see what kayak friendly atmosphere, pengennya seen what, we tentuin new theme. Kayak now in a place many people kantoran, so we used shirt, but the style remains grave," said Priya. ] Source: Here

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