Friday, June 5, 2009

Tips And Tricks : Introduce Internet On Children

IMPACT bad internet makes you hesitate mengenalkannya on the fruit heart? Do not worry, with good supervision, the Internet will become a friend for a little fun. Along with advances in technology, the wide use of internet in the community. Many families have used the internet so that the subscription services in the home, family members can access the Internet easily. Internet can provide positive benefits, can also be a negative impact...[...] Not only adults, the Internet is now also popular among children. Many positive aspect that can be gained from this technology. However, behind the positive side of the internet, the result can be bad when used not responsible. Many children who are addicted or addicted to the Internet so that they stand berlama-old in front of the computer. Because it will forget that their obligations are more important, for example, to eat, bathe and even reluctant to learn. "The cause of a child so like the Internet because they get a new experience and they can find comfort. Or they get something from this virtual world that can not be obtained in the real world," said child psychologist from the University of Indonesia (UI), Farah Nainggolan. Farah menuturkan, in the virtual world, children can become other people want. For example, a shy child who can easily come through a message or e-mail. In online game, they can make their characters into characters that beautiful, rich, or anything else that may be different from their real life. As parents, Farah suggests that children should not be so addicted to the internet is used to limit the time to use the internet. "If you are addicted, the child will be difficult to prevent. It is important to be avoided is the danger of pornography on the internet which can be accessed very easily," he said. A child who still can not assess lugu good or a bad thing, then a child aged 8-12 years are often a target. At this age, the brain before a child is not yet well developed. While the front of the brain is the center to conduct the assessment, planning akan memperintahkan body to do something. On the back of the brain is a supporter of the front of the brain. Here also produced hormone that produces feelings of comfort, rileks or flypada someone. A child is addicted internet akan difficult kebiasaannya stop so that he will do so repeatedly. Children can feel guilty, but does not dare to express perasaannya parents or occupation for fear his mother and father. In the anxious, the brain rotates 2.5 times faster than usual rounds at the time of normal. "The form of the child care will usually disappear with the racket, for example, with the play. Similarly with the internet, children can feel kecemasannya with access to various sites, that make children addicted to the Internet," he called again. If supervision can not be parents, children addicted to prevent and avoid pornography is using the software specifically for children. Trends addicted internet increased in children who have emotional problems such as depression and the fantasy world of the Internet to avoid the feeling is not happy or stressful situations. That happened because they have fun, convenience, and the preoccupation of the diaksesnya so that the stimulus is not fun faces. Children will continue to be repeated just as addicted to smoking. Adiksi or addicted to the internet can influence the development of the Child, especially in terms of mental illness. Trends berinternet usually based on the children with problems of life in major cities demanding that the father and the mother worked, the divorce so that the increased pattern of crisis tend to nurture children's lack of attention to wane. There are several cases of psychiatric disturbances that are often found in children addicted to the internet, such as children's confusion between the real world and virtual world, imitating violence and murder in the (game) games, pornography and imitating the action pornoaksi, to academic failure and ultimately refuse to school. Prevent the parents should be made, among others, give the fate of the child-ruginya the internet. Create an agreement on when and how long access to the internet. Parents need to know the site and the types of games that are accessed by children. "If you have spare time, and interact at dampingi children access the internet. Prohibit children access the Internet is not the solution," he said. (Koran SI / SI Koran / tty) Source: Here

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