Friday, June 5, 2009

If the pair Intimasi Scared

Facing that fear intimasi need patience and effort. If not treated immediately, this problem will berimbas on both of your sex life. Melatarbelakangi ketakutannya various reasons. Here are some of them, dilansir from Askmen. Poor body image Each woman was not perfect in some parts of their bodies, such as the buttocks, thigh, and breast. In this case, there are two types of women...[...] First, women who do not silence the kekurangannya. He tried to form a body of sport, healthy eating patterns, and various other body treatments. Women have this type of confidence over how you view them against many things, especially sex. Second, women who feel so over the body of the victim, and not do anything to improve it. He would find ways to cover the shortfall. Type the two women feel fear akan intimasi. He also thinks that men will judge their imperfection in the body unilaterally. There are many things you can do to make them more comfortable. If he is not confident with pahanya great, while your rate is the section, the Praise. Women akan forget the problem with a more open and sexual with you. Sale for an evening gown section nan, and he requested to use both at dinner in a restaurant favorite. In this way, his confidence will increase and the value you as a gentleman in the men's eyes are also good. The short Ketakutannya akan intimasi could be a result of a short with it until you know you are less emotional. This certainly gives the influence on keterbukannya against sexual activity. As a pair, you need to build faith with him let you know that a good pair. When you are able to make comfortable, bed next action running easy. Women's more open and not bashful to try make a new style. Have a bad experience He was free to exhibit aksinya may be because the former kekasihnya before you were married to a sex abuse. Someone who has a bad experience tend to cover themselves, even create a bunker so that no other people who know. As a pair, you should be encouraged to dare to talk about the lalunya. If you are trustworthy, do not try to mengendalikannya the rough. Everyone want to understand, does not want to have analyzed the soul, especially by couples. Be a friend, not therapeutist seksnya. You must be patient a bit. Fast or slow, your patience and efforts will bear fruit sweet. (Tty)Source: Here

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