Thursday, June 25, 2009

China block Google

Beijing - China's Internet User is not able to access Google. Blocking Google in China takes more than two hours...[...] China does not appear to play with the statement tempo days. Last week China ask Google to turn off features that refer to the content, pornographic content, provocation and other negative things. Fact now internet users in China not only can not nmengakses content-pornographic content, but can not access the Google site at all. Such information is quoted from the AFP, Kamis (25/6/2009). Blocking progress on yesterday night. However, blocking the effect on Google in English, while Google's Chinese with a is not affected by this blockade. Google has not hand to give a statement related to blocking by the Chinese government. But they admitted getting many reports of users in China complained this. "Google received a report from the users in China that can not be accessed in a period of time long enough. But we would not comment further on this matter," the spokesperson said that Google did not want his name mentioned. Meanwhile, based on information from the China Daily that this news, said Google spokesman confirming the existence of restrictions Google services in China but are reluctant to speculate on the case of these. This is not only blocking off the access to the site but also a number of other Google services like Gmail. Google Google services promised in China who speak both English and Chinese will be normal again this weekend on Saturday. Last week Google promised to obey the Chinese government request to turn off features that refer to the link-content-pornographic content. It appears that termination of access to Google for a while, is still associated with these policies. On the other hand, China has pledged to fight against pornography and content-content other provocative. Various efforts in addition to blocking Google, China is the content filter software on every computer. (srn)

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