Thursday, June 25, 2009

3GS iPhone or iPhone 3G S?

NEW YORK - Apple iPhone 3G successfully launched S. But that was a little polemic is the use of the word 'S' itself. Section, there are two versions about the name of this smart phone that is, 3GS iPhone and iPhone 3G S (with a separate letter S)...[...] Initially, through the official website of Apple, Steve Jobs company besutan this menggumumkan their mobile phone by using the word 'iPhone 3G S'. Apple Community joined in Macworld is without doubt more to follow the official name that has been proposed. However, when the launch came, Apple make some clarifications to the media. Apparently, Apple want the word 'S' is no separate. Even four days later, Apple officially ask the media to change the name of the phone that has been in demand to one million units that, with the name iPhone 3GS (without separate). Of course, many Apple fans and the media confused dibuatnya. Many of those who wonder why Apple do that? So use the name iPhone iPhone 3G or 3GS S? PC World, Thursday (25/6/2009) reported that there is some speculation circulating about mutually change the name. The first, as this related to the protection of the law on copyright. With the word 'S' combined (3GS iPhone), it becomes easy protection. Second, related searches in the Google search engine types. According to the Apple, by entering the word 'S' that separate (S iPhone 3G), ditakutkan services that can not be a news show. Can be, all the elements that have the word 'S' will appear when the query using the code word (S iPhone 3G). This would be different if the word is entered. However, until now, through the official information issued by Apple. Use of 3GS iPhone is officially the best brand and continue to be used. (srn) 3GS iPhone or iPhone 3G S?

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