Thursday, June 25, 2009

Games President: SBY

JAKARTA - Support for a presidential candidate can be expressed in many ways, temasuk through video games such as the David Setiabudi...[...] Seeing the ability to create computer games, graphics lecturer was inspired to create this computer entitled "Anti SBY grafter," with the main figures of SBY. This game tells about the struggle to fight SBY grafter who disimbolkan with rat character in the village and in the city. David only takes a week to create a game inspired diakuinya game when Obama pilpres United States, years ago Obama be regarded game popular among the young American who was initially not concerned with the election. "Because not all of it really from a client who have, sometimes there are people like the computer, he said 'why do I want coblos.' Many are also ngomong golput only. But, with the familiar characters in the game, he also select. 'Oh vision mission Pak SBY is written in the game', "explained David. This game has spread from blog to blog and have become a telling in various forums. In fact, some post was to provide a link to download the game for free. You can download the game's official site ... Download Here Pass: sbyok

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